Safe Space Policy – DIGIDAMARA

Creating a safe play space Digidamara

Digidamara is a game that asks players to interact with one another in an online simulation. There is a chat room feature that allows players the chance to engage with one another.  Discussions in the chat rooms may range from lighthearted banter about favourite teams, discussions of strategies and alliances, or personal and meaningful conversations between players.  There is also potential for role play! Because of this, it’s a good idea to set out some safety guidelines at the top of the game to create some boundaries with the other players.

Here are three key safety guidelines for Digidamara:

  1. It is our responsibility as a group, to create a safe play space. Anyone showing lack of respect and accountability for one’s self and others will be given 2 warnings and on the 3rd offense, they will be removed from the game. 
  2. There is no obligation to stay in the space, players can leave the chat at anytime.
  3. Only share what you are comfortable sharing.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Holding the space together 

Allow time and space for everyone to share their ideas and thoughts

Be aware of the privileges you bring to the space and how that may affect others.

Don’t make assumptions about the opinions of others or how they identify. Kindly
ask first and then actively listen.

Be aware of the language you use in discussions and how this relates to others.

  1. We have zero tolerance for harassment of any kind 

Ableism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, or prejudice based on perceived ability, asylum status, class, ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, nationality or religion is not welcome. 

We maintain the right to block you without notice if you are in serious violation of this policy or causing immediate harm

  1. Take care of each other 

Remember to breathe, take a break if you need to and that this is not a space to convince each other of right and wrong using personal attacks.

If you disagree on someone’s point, acknowledge their words and make every effort not to judge or look down on others. A good conversation and a good debate goes both ways!

Please respect people’s emotional and physical boundaries, and be aware that some of the discussion points may draw on individual’s lived experiences.

Each of us has different ways of learning and engaging, and all are deserving of respect.


securing the game from outsiders…

DO NOT share the link publically with people who are not invited to the game. Make sure other players do not share the link..

Confidentiality and surveillance…

Remember, someone could record or take screenshots of what you are saying without your knowledge. 

if someone shares ‘too much’…

Conversation in the chat room could bring up deep memories for some players. This could take the form of: 

a) disclosure of traumatic events

b) responding strongly to another player’s disclosure in a way that the original player does not want to engage in

c) other players asking/pushing intimate questions

d) players dominating the conversation which excludes others.

We all have a responsibility to make sure this is a safe space for all involved. Here are some tips for the above situations:

a) if someone discloses something quite extreme that you don’t feel comfortable engaging with, feel free to ignore them. If it persists or is pursued by other players and is causing you or others difficulty, be honest. ie: ‘Thank you for sharing this with us. I feel uncomfortable because I’m/we are not sure how to respond.’

b) Remind players they only have to share what they are comfortable sharing, they can always choose not to say anything.

If someone is hateful, abusive or makes another player uncomfortable…

If you feel that anyone is being unsafe, you may make it clear that they need to take responsibility for their actions. Be clear when your boundaries have been crossed and advocate for others.  But if you are uncomfortable at anytime – please email us at, or flag the Space Station in the chat, the Space station is there to help. 

We also have a Discord support channel for all help inquiries. Double check your STARCOM emails on how to join.

In Summary:

We all hold our own beliefs and opinions respective of religion, sexuality, age, identity, race, politics, diet, neuro type, ability, geography, culture, nationality etc. And each of us is responsible and accountable for our actions and words.